Author: benj

  • The orange juice metaphor

    You take this orange and you squeeze it as hard as you can squeeze it and you ask yourself: What will come out? What comes out when you squeeze an orange? Orange juice. Never, and no matter how many times you squeeze it, will apple juice come out. Then the next question is: Why? Why,…

  • Medieval bardic music

    I came across this little gem a couple of years ago. I regularly have it run in the background while writing code or just to help me falling into meditation.

  • Herr Mannelig

    Stereotypical mystic swedish song. I came across it just recently and to me it is very calming and induces meditation.

  • Reduce anxiety up to 65% by listening to this song

    According to american neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, listening to this song can reduce anxiety up to 65%. Credits to @hubermanlab. The full scientific background can be investigated in his podcast episode on How to Use Music to Boost Motivation, Mood & Improve Learning. See the quote below for the tldr; People that listen to a particular…